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Supplying files for print.

We can accept many native file formats, 
although our preference is PDF – particularly Illustrator editable PDF.


PDFs can be supplied final size up to 5000x5000mm.
Any Larger and the PDF must be scaled down by half or 1 tenth or more depending on the size.



  • 100 pixels per inch at final size is optimal for most large format work.

  • Anything over 150 pixels per inch at final size will not improve print quality and will result in very large file sizes.

  • Scaled down files must have the pixels per inch scaled up accordingly at export time.
    Example: a 100ppi file at final size must be a 1000ppi file at 1 tenth size.
    This resolution must be entered in PDF output settings at export time.


Embed any spot colours you wish to match
CMYK is a preference for most images.  RGB can work with embedded profiles, but safer to avoid.
Please embed icc profiles in images where possible
White ink must be placed as a spot colour on a separate layer and called “white”.



Provide bleed where applicable.
We do not require trim marks or registration marks.



Provide a spot colour dieline on a separate layer and call it “cutpath”.


We prefer outlined fonts, however embedding fonts is usually fine.

Supplying files

Any file sharing service is fine.  WeTransfer, Dropbox, Hightail
Any queries please contact

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